Deposit/withdraw Procedure

1. Deposit Procedure and Channels

1.1 Deposit Procedure

1 Deposit: Clients can deposit the amount through the below procedure into our bank account.
2 Confirm the deposit: After deposit or transfer the amount into our bank account, please kindly keep the pay slip and fax it to our settlement department. Please be reminded to write down your account name and account number on the slip before fax to us.
3 Receive daily statement: Confirmed the payment received, we will update the transaction in your daily statement with the corresponding day and time. If you don’t receive the daily statement or can’t find the deposit transaction, please kindly contact your sales representative or our customer service department as soon as possible.


1.2 Deposit Channel

  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machine);
  • Cheque Deposit;
  • Phone Banking;
  • Cheque Drop-In Box;
  • Internet Banking;
  • Cash Deposit Machine; and
  • TT (Telegraphic Transfer)

Please kindly make it payable to "Select Investment Services Limited". Our clients’ bank account number with HSBC is 809-880883-838

2. Withdrawal Procedure and Channels

2.1 Withdrawal Procedure

If clients want to withdraw money from their securities account, please kindly instruct your sales representative or through our trading platform on or before 11:00am every Monday to Friday. Any delay instruction will be treated as next day transaction. All withdraw amount will be issued by cheque to the clients within the same day of the instruction we receive.

2.2 Withdrawal Channels

  • We can deposit the cheques payable to our client’s names on behalf of our clients into the following banks, HSBC, Heng Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank or Bank of China in Hong Kong.
  • Clients can come up our office to collect the cheques.

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